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🇨🇿 Handmade in Czech Republic (EU)

Lightweight flip-up watch cover

  • Protects the watch against scratches
  • Prevents light reflections

Materials used:

  • strap
    • 100% nylon
    • MIL-W-17337 specification
    • made in USA ( MMI Textile )
    • double-sided printing
    • Velcro fastening
    • breathable and washable
  • velcro
    • 100% nylon
    • up to 5000 cycles of repeated connection and disconnection
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Plastic loops are a very strong and stable solution for dismountable connections. They have very high tensile strength and comfortable peel strength.

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Velor (velour loops) is a special very soft and pleasant to the touch fabric made of 100% polyamide. Velor is softer, thinner and cleaner in design than traditional plastic loops.