Once upon a time there was a man who had a very specific dream about his own journey. To start something special and to give something very unique to people. In 2022 the Armyproduct has risen
When we are not answering promptly that means we are working on your orders. We would wish to answer immediately but our personal capacity is limited. When you need to solve something, please, contact us on
Straps come from Ohio in the USA, quickfit - Germany, fastener tapes - the Czech Republic, patches - the Czech Republic, sewing threads and buckles also from the Czech Republic
The final product is made in Namest na Hane in the Czech Republic
As soon as you confirm the order and pay for your order, we start to make your ordered product. Usually it takes 2-5 working days. However the most of orders we made to 3 days after we received the payment
Our mission is made-to-order Watch Straps and Watch Covers. It means that the customer choose all components which the final product is made of. The customer choose the strap pattern, the length of strap, sewing threads, buckle etc. There are a lot of variations what the product looks like. And that´s why it is not possible to send your orders promptly
VIP band is made of softer material. The fastener tape is in a camouflage and can be used another structure of sewing
Although we´re not enchanted fairies, we are trying to comply maximum of yours requests and wishes. Despite that sometimes our power is limited (just human, not fairy). Send us your secret wishes on
Because our mission is made-to-order products according to every single customer. If a delivery doesn't get picked up, the ordered product become practically unsalable
They aren´t. There are a lot of types of watches, which have specific watch band pins and we are not able to pursue all types in the global market. If you are interested in and you would like to want also watch band pins together with the watch strap, contact us on and we will try to do our best for you
Of course, bands are made of 100% Polyamide with the standard specification: MIL-SPEC-W-17337 (military standard specification)
Bands are made of high quality 100% Polyamide. One color or multicolored variants are sewed by nylon stitch through, where is not probable the change of color (stay stable). Only Multicam version is a printed band, which can loose its color due to the effects of various conditions as the time goes
Wash it in a soapy water and dry out. We don´t recommend to brush or use a washing machine
No, the watch cover is versatile and it should fit your watch band. If you´re not sure, contact us on
Yes, it does. It includes an opening for smart watch sensor to touch your skin in order to monitor vitals and activities
Yes, they are. Delivery time depends on delivery country
Yes, according to law you have right to return original undamaged goods to us and we will repair your watch band or give you a refund